This particular version of Christ in Majesty, or Maiestas Domini , comes from an illuminated manuscript published in 1220 C.E. It became the basis for the Tarot Card The Pope, and later, The Hierophant. Below are some examples from various tarot decks to demonstrate the connection. It is complete with the Cherubic tetrad in each corner of the image, which was also carried over to may different Tarot cards, including the World, (the Universe). Another important gesture is Christ’s “Sign of Benediction.” See Levi’s “The Sign of Excommunication.” Notice as well the shift between the positions of the top two Cherubim.

Also note the phrase “Papal Bull” in this context. This card is traditionally

attributed to Taurus, the bull, and was originally titled “The Pope”.

The Mantegna Deck also has an equivalent card, Papa: