The Seal of A∴A∴

    This seal is arranged in a heptagram, with the name BABALON written in each corner. This name adds to the number 156, represented by the formula inside of the heptagram. 


Which also adds to 156. 
    The border, Sigillum Sanctum Fraternitatis A∴A∴, translates to “The Holy Seal of the Fraternity of A∴A∴.” The X in the Circle is something Crowley calls the “Sign of N.O.X.” Further analysis forthcoming.

I personally have some theories on what A∴A∴ stands for. There are three options, (for the three Colleges): 

Aurorae Aureae: “Golden Dawn” in Latin. 

Arcanum Arcanorum: “Secret of Secrets” in Latin.

Astrum Argenteum: “Silver Star” in Latin.