The Kamea of Saturn

    The Kamea, or Magic Square, of Saturn is a 3x3 square based on its attribution to the 3rd Sephira, Binah. 

    Each straight line of numbers, vertical, horizontal or diagonally, adds to the number 15.

    The number of Rows, the number of Squares, the number each row adds to, and the sum total are all important numbers to the Planet. 

    In this case: 3, 9, 15, & 45

    The Qabalah of the Nine Chambers is another symbol using the same numerical arrangement, applying it to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. 

    The 3x3 Magic Square is one of the oldest, sometimes called the Lo Shu Square. There is an old Chinese myth involving a turtle having this magic square on its back. It’s interesting to note that Turtles relate to Cheth, Line 18, in Liber 777. The path of Cheth is connected to the sphere of Binah.