The Kamea of Jupiter

    The Kamea, or Magic Square, of Jupiter is a 4x4 square based on its attribution to the 4rd Sephira, Chesed.

The important numbers here are: 4, 16, 34 & 136. Note that Jupiter’s wife, Juno, when transliterated into Hebrew, יונע, adds to 136. 

    (There is a mistake in this scan, there are two 12s and two 11s.) Below is the square from Albercht Dürer’s painting Melencolia I, which is likely the correct version.

There are other ways to arrange the first 16 numbers as well, such as the magic square in Parshavnath temple (shown third). This last one is particularly clever. It’s known as the oldest “Most Perfect Magic Square,” adding to 34 in nearly every symmetrical layout of numbers.