The Great Seal of Solomon

“The Double Triangle of Solomon, represented by the to Ancients of the Kabbalah; the Macroprosopus and the Microprosopus; the God of Light and the God of Reflections; mercy and vengeance; the white Jehovah and the black Jehovah.“ - Eliphas Levi

“Qvod est Svperivs est Sicvt Qvod Inferivs” translates to “That which is above is like that which is below,” the Hermetic Axiom. Each side is labeled, Macroprosopus - the Greater Creator, and Microprosopus - the Lesser Creator. It’s strange how the letters are arranged. It seems to want to say: 

Qvod Svperivs Macroprosopvs Sicvt Qvod Inferivs Microprosopvs.

“That Superior Macroprosopus is like that Inferior Microprosopus.” 

“Stola Dei” translates to “Garment of God.” 

The meeting point of both shows a Templar Cross, “Cross Pattée”.  

An Ouroboros is containing the entire image.