The Cherub of Ezekiel

“The four-headed Cherubim of Ezekiel’s prophecy, explained by the double triangle of Solomon. Below is the wheel of Ezekiel, key of all pantacles, and the pantacle of Pythagoras. The cherub of Ezekiel is here represented as it is described by the prophet. Its four heads are tetrad of Mercavah; its six wings are the sentry of Bereschith. The human figure in the middle represents reason; the eagle’s head is faith; the bull is resignation and toil; the lion is warfare and conquest. This symbol is analogous to that of the Egyptian Sphinx, but is more appropriate to the Kabbalah of the Hebrews.” - Eliphas Levi
It’s funny to note that this symbol was used in the film adaptation of Dennis Wheatley’s novel The Devil Rides Out, by Terence Fisher. It was worn on the robes of the antagonist, with an inverted pentagram added, you know, for Satan.