XVI° - Prince of Jerusalem

“The five stars represent the first five Princes of Jerusalem....The jewel is a medal of gold. On one side is engraved a hand, holding an equal balance, symbolizing the justice and mercy of God, held in equipoise by His single will and infinite wisdom. On the other is a double-edged, cross-hilted sword, with one star over the point and two on each side. The sword stands upright, hilt downward. On one side is the letter “D,” and on the other, the letter “Z,” the initials of Darius and Zerubbabel. Some versions have the Hebrew letters dalet (ד) and zayin (ז), which are initals of the same names.” 

-Hutchens, A Bridge to Light, pg. 119

Members of the Thelemic community should note how this would look if both sides were displayed simultaneously. See “Example of a Design of a Lamen” in Book 4, and the Adjustment card in the Thoth Tarot