VI° - Intimate Secretary

The VI° Jewel contains the same Samaritan letters as on the Apron. Nun - n, (bottom left), Shin - v (bottom right), and Beth - b(top.) However, they are flipped/inverted. This also is made up of three triangles, relating to the nine pointed star on the Apron

These three letters stand for three Hebrew words. 

1. b - Berith (ברית)
2. n - Neder (נדר)
3. vShelomith (שלמית)

Berith is typically translated as “Covenant”. It often appears in connection with Ba’al, בעל, a biblical name for “Lord.” 

Neder means Vow or Oath. 

Shelomith is a proper name, mostly female, that means “Peaceable.” Sharing the same root as Shalom, שלום, meaning Peace or Harmony, or Completeness. The root שלם means “whole.”