G∴D∴ 0°=0° Altar Symbol

“The symbols upon the altar represent the forces and manifestations of the Divine Light concentrated in the white triangle of the Three Supernals. Wherefore upon this sacred and sublime symbol is the oblication of the Neophyte taken as calling therein to witness the operations of the Divine Light. The red cross of Tiphereth representing 5°=6° is placed above the white triangle; not as dominating it, but as bringing it down and manifesting it unto the Outer Order: as though the Crucified One having raised the symbol of Self-Sacrifice had thus touched and brought into action in matter the Divine triad of Light.”
- Z.1, Equinox I:2. 

It is interesting to note how Crowley altered the symbolism in “The Hanged Man” to have this symbol suspended from the Tau rather than an inverted Sulphur symbol, or 4°=7° Altar Symbol