Bicycle Deck

    Although playing card decks aren’t typically considered to be as mystical as the Tarot deck, they are certainly much older, and happen to have some interesting patterns as well. 

1. The two colors, Red and Black, could relate to Night and Day. 

2. The four suits could relate to the four Seasons.

3. There are 12 court cards, relating either to the Months of the year, the Hours of the day, or the Zodiac. 

4. The 13 cards of each suit could relate to the number of times the moon circles the earth in a year. (13.4 times to be exact.)There are also 13 weeks per season.

6. Finally, the 52 cards of the deck could relate to the 52 weeks in the year.1 

The classic design of the Bicycle cards was released in 1881, under the name Congress Cards, (originally released as Bridge-size cards.) Poker size cards under the name of Bicycle were released in 1885.2